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LocalChurchOutreach can customize your tract panels to fit your needs.  Don't worry if you are starting from scratch.   Give us the information that you want to appear on your tract or publication and we will do the rest.  You don't have to worry about placing all the information in an online program. We do the work!

When you work with LocalChurchOutreach, you are working with people who care about the end result.  If you have ordered and customized tracts before, or if this is your first time, we will guide you through the entire process.  Be sure to fill out the ministry information field before you order.  Include your services times, ministries, and any other information that you would like to have included on your Gospel tract.

The passion that drives our business is accomplishing the Great Commission.  Know that when you order from LocalChurchOutreach that you are having a part in the Great Commission even before you hand out your first Gospel tract.

Our K.J.V. Gospel Tracts- Where Custom Does Not Cost!   

Fully Customizable Panels   
Entrust Us With Your Needs- You Won't Be Disappointed With The Product.   
Helping New Churches Spread The Gospel    
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