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 About  Local Church Outreach          

The Gospel Is Priority One!

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven.  Nothing that we can do can accomplish what Christ did on the cross.  We want as many people to hear the Good News as possible so we want to equip local churches to do just that.

Every Gospel tract that we produce is gone over several times by local pastors to be sure that the Gospel message is concise yet sound.

Creativity With Ministry In Mind

The folks at LocalChurchOutreach are just that - local church centered.  Everyone that works for LocalChurchOutreach is a member of a local, Gospel-preaching church.  So when you have something designed by us, please know that we have your ministry's best interest at heart.

Helping Spread the Good News

As stated on our K.J.V. Gospel Tracts page, we take the Great Commission very seriously. You can rest assure that by making a simple purchase on our website, you are helping to spread the Gospel and encourage local churches.


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